Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[7] Summary of NOCRAP's Comment re: DeKalb County (Ga) Consent Decree AND Rockdale County's Support

(A) LINK: GreenLaw (pro publico), 1/19/11
(SEE page 11 of 12) VI. EPA Should Require that the County obtain a Permit for the Use of Shafts to Emplace Fluid into Wastewater Storage Tunnels, 1/19/11

(B) LINK: Rockdale County's (Ga.) Cover Letter to the US Dept. of Justice:
"We respect the request of our neighboring county but also want to ensure their plan for possible construction of a tunnel system within Rockdale does not have a negative impact on our aquifers.", 2/10/11

(C) LINK: Rockdale County's Resolution #R-2011-03
"Now, Be It Resolved that Rockdale County is committed to protecting its aquifers and the health, safety, welfare, and water supply of its citizens who use well-water."

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